New Certificate Renewal Requirements FAQ

New Certificate Renewal Requirements FAQ

General Info

Where can I find out detailed information regarding the new requirements?

Click this link to read about the new requirements in detail:

I’m not sure if these requirements apply to me, and I’m not sure what type of teaching certificate I hold. What should I do?

Review the types of certificate holders subject to these requirements below. Then, identify the type of teaching certificate you hold by logging into your EDS account and reviewing your certificate. If you’re still unsure if these requirements apply to you, contact the OSPI teacher certification office by using the contact information provided here.

When do the new requirements go into effect?

Beginning September 1, 2019, teachers and administrators renewing their certificates must document completion of the relevant requirements below.


STEM Requirements

What are the new STEM clock hour requirements for certification renewal?

Teachers with select teaching certificate endorsements must earn at least 15 STEM-related clock hours, or at least one STEM-related goal from a Professional Growth Plan (PGP) when renewing their certificates. More information available here:

Who must meet the new STEM clock hour certification renewal requirements?

Teachers with residency, professional, initial, and continuing certificates in the following endorsement areas: computer science, elementary education, early childhood education, middle level mathematics and science, mathematics, science, the designated sciences, and Career and Technical Education. Teachers who hold a National Board Certificate are considered to have met these requirements.

What types of trainings count towards STEM clock hours?

Training examples are provided here under STEM Certificate Renewal Examples. In general, the training must meet the following criteria: (1) demonstrates authentic integration of at least 2 of the 4 STEM elements: science, technology, engineering, and math, (2) has an impact on STEM experience for students, (3) provides examples or resources to use with students or with other educators, (4) provides examples or resources about STEM-related career choices to use with students.

Earning Clock Hours

Can teachers meet the above requirements through a PGP (professional growth plan)?

Yes. Teachers can include at least one goal in STEM in their PGPs annually. For more information about PGPs, click here.

Can school PLC meetings help teachers meet the above requirements?

Yes, as long as the types of activities in which teachers are engaging in PLC meetings are consistent with the STEM requirements. Schools will be required to complete this application form with the OCS to show how their PLC meetings fulfill the STEM and PLC requirements. This document can help schools keep track of the amount of STEM hours teachers earn during PLCs.  

Where can teachers find workshops to help them meet the above requirements?

The OCS will publish relevant workshops on the OCS Professional Development Listing. We will also include professional learning opportunities in the monthly teacher mailings. Finally, teachers are encouraged to visit PDEnroller to identify opportunities available through their local ESDs.


Documenting STEM Clock Hours

How can I document STEM clock hours?

Teachers should save certificates from training they have attended, and log into their EDS accounts to document their clock hours. Once in EDS, they will need to indicate if the trainings count towards the STEM requirement.