2019-2020 Catholic Identity Standards Focus

The Authenticity of the School’s Catholic Identity: This principle of WCEA accreditation holds that a school’s Catholic identity ought to be authentic. Here, ‘authenticity’ has to do with a school’s two-fold orientation: toward God and toward human life. That is, in all its understandings and operations, the Catholic school is simultaneously oriented toward God (as he is worshiped and believed in the Catholic Church) and toward the formation of a human being – within himself and in relation to others. This is a formation in Christ and in culture.                Source: E3 2016 Accreditation Protocol, WCEA, pgs. 1-2.

This year, 2019 -2020, our Catholic schools are studying, reviewing, assessing 2 Catholic Identity Standards as our unified focus: Catechist Certification-Theology Degree and Evangelization.  19-20 CI Standards Focus – WCEA 

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Our OCS CI Standards Review Cycle, as highlighted on the annual OCS Academic Calendar:

2019-2020 CI Standards Focus – WCEA – Theology Degree (Catechist Certification) and Evangelization

2020-2021 CI Standards Focus – WCEA – Religion Curriculum and Service- Missionary Discipleship

2021-2022 CI Standards Focus – WCEA – Mission-Philosophy-Charism/Spirituality and Parents as Partners – Moral Decision Making

2022-2023 CI Standards Focus – WCEA – Prayers, Sacraments, Sacramentals and Signs, Symbols, and Sacraments