Policy Related Updates



There are new forms on the website to bring to your attention. First, under Field Trip Forms,  the Field Trip Consent forms have all been updated to include the new requirements for child safety restraints. Second, the Volunteer Driver form has been updated to reflect the drivers commitment to adhere to the new booster seat law for children. As part of Office of Catholic Schools policy you should be using only the Archdiocesan approved forms.

In addition, under Student Forms the Student Authorization for Administration of Medications at School form has been revised to include a hold harmless statement. This is an important statement given the nature and severity of medical needs some of our students may require while at school. As part of Office of Catholic Schools policy you should be using only the Archdiocesan approved forms.


There have been several questions regarding the start date for Kindergartners. Policy states, children who are five years of age  by August 31st are eligible to start Kindergarten.  There are parents who want their child to start prior to that date. The best way to go about having children enroll prior to turning five by August 31st is to have an Early Entrance Policy outlining expectations.

For example:

Early entrance into kindergarten may be granted if:

  • The child’s fifth (kindergarten) birthday falls between September 1 and October 31 and an evaluation by a Washington State Certified School Psychologist or Washington State Licensed Psychologist determines that the child is sufficiently advanced to succeed in the program. A student must pass the screening at an age equivalent to the average entering student.
  • All information is received by [SCHOOL] no later than August 31st.
  • ___[SCHOOL]______will send written notice to the parent within five (5) working days of receipt of all Early Entrance request. The building principal, the child’s teacher, school counselor(if on staff), will monitor students passing the initial screening during the first 25 days that school is in session. The principal will notify the parents during this trial period of the final decision on the child’s eligibility for the kindergarten program.


Just a reminder that during the 2016 regular session, the legislature passed House Bill 1541, a comprehensive bill based on recommendations from the Educational Opportunity Gap Oversight and Accountability Committee. The bill added language to RCW 28A.180.040 which states “Beginning in the 2019-20 school year, all classroom teachers assigned using funds for the Transitional Bilingual Instruction Program to provide supplemental instruction for eligible pupils must hold an endorsement in Bilingual Education or English Language Learners (ELs), or both.” Read more in Bulletin 011-17.


Finally, Watch for your Federal Programs Participation request that comes from OSPI. You must go in and mark the Federal Programs you want to access for the 20-21 school year. Complete the Intent to Participate portion of the Private Participation in Federal Programs application in EDS in the Spring of 2020, typically due in mid-April.

Most current information :

Bulletin 003-20, regarding Private School Participation in Federal Programs is available on the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction’s (OSPI) website (https://www.k12.wa.us/about-ospi/bulletinsmemos/bulletins/2020 [linkprotect.cudasvc.com]). Please note, the Private Participation in Federal Programs application will open in mid-March. OSPI will send a notification when the application opens.

Technical Assistance Webinar

A webinar regarding private school participation in federal programs is scheduled for March 2, 2020, from 1:30–3 p.m. This training will focus on the requirements and responsibilities of private schools and school districts. Register for the webinar: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_I39RbKAyT6WwGBUD1OiN0w [linkprotect.cudasvc.com].

For questions regarding this information, please contact Mary Jo Johnson, Program Supervisor, at maryjo.johnson@k12.wa.us; or Julie Chace, Program Supervisor, at julie.chace@k12.wa.us. You can also call the Title I/LAP office at 360-725-6100. OSPI’s TTY number is 360-664-3631.