Waivers and Instructional Days/Hours

Our schools did not miss a beat  in educating our students through distance learning from day one of the school closures during COVID-19.  Our teachers have been providing consistent education to their students on a daily basis. On behalf of families and the OCS staff we thank you for all the creativity and time staffs have given to ensure students are learning and making progress. As we move towards the end of the year timelines become more important to the overall planning schools will be doing.

The End-of-School dates are at the discretion of each private school.  Each school is responsible for the progression of learning for each of their students.  The State would like schools to stay true to the 180 days/ 1000 hours if possible.  Because no school has been able to do these days/hours in person, those without online programs will need a waiver which amounts to a notification process.  Those schools offering online learning will not need a waiver.

The notification requirement process should be sent to schools next week. It will be a brief survey asking specific questions around credit waivers for seniors and days and hours for K-12 programs.  The legislators will ask how many schools needed a waiver in those areas. The State Board of Education is considering what other information the legislators may want and will include that in the notification process for private schools. Schools have until after school is out to give notification of the use of waivers.  All schools are allowed to keep their original end-of-school date as set on your annual calendar.

Summary to date:

  • There is no application for waivers for any private schools.
  • If a school is using an online model for education for the entire school, there is no waiver needed.
  • If a school is using a hybrid model of packets/ on line instruction/ phone calls, etc, they are automatically granted a waiver for hours/days. When SBA asks—did you use a waiver—they say yes we did.
  • If a student is on the path to graduation, there are waivers available for credits, but private schools don’t need to ask for the waiver, they are free to allow a waiver for students to graduate. When SBA asks -did your school use a waiver for graduation credits for students—the school says, yes we did.

The State Board of Education will be sending out a newsletter soon.