3 Job Postings for the Office for Catholic Schools

In the Office for Catholic Schools, we have two exciting new and one current position that we have posted and for which we will be interviewing.  The first is for an Director of Early Childhood Education. The Fulcrum Foundation worked with a donor to secure funding for this OCS position, and we are thrilled!  As you know, our early learning holds the most possibilities for us and our future in Catholic schools.  The second is for the Assistant Superintendent of Financial Services. We all know the importance of understanding and tracking our budgets – especially now.  This position will work with our Fragile and Watch-list schools, as well as the schools with first year principals to help each leader ground themselves in best business practices.  We hope to also fill Karen Tarabochia’s position which has been retooled a bit.  This position is now an Assistant Superintendent for Leadership Development and Human Resources.  I encourage you to take a look at the job postings on the Chancery website, and pass these along to someone you know would be a great addition to our OCS team of support.