PPE bulk purchasing opportunity- Please complete survey!

Just a reminder to complete the survey below if you would like to be considered for bulk buying of PPE opportunity.


PPE bulk purchasing opportunity

A bid to secure large volume PPE for schools that would include interested Private Schools has been offered by the ESDs! Many of our schools have already received an invite. The following survey will help determine the amounts the ESD coop will need to supply schools. The survey will guide the bid and then a decision can be made to place and order. I encourage you to complete the survey to keep all options open for your school.

Please complete THIS SURVEY [r20.rs6.net] by close of business on June 3rd to assist in gauging your school’s interest in the opportunity and the potential volume of PPE needed to start the coming school year.

The survey will ask your “School District” – submit your school name and then your “District Contact for PPE” which will be you or a staff person who will be  handling your PPE purchases.  Please keep a record of what you have submitted in case an alternative option must be accessed to provide bulk buying powe

Here is the link to the C2P This is a good source of information on all things Archdiocese of Seattle!

The document Scott referenced on How to do PPP Bookkeeping is attached to this email and can be found on the 19-20 Principals  Trello Board under the Cares Act card. Go to Trello [ocsww.us3.list-manage.com]  19-20 Principal Board to access all morning presentations and resources.