The Year of The Eucharist – June 14, 2021 – June 6, 2021

“How beautiful it is when we learn to live as Christ,

when we allows Christ to live more fully in and through us.

This is a big part of what the Eucharistic life is all about!”    – Archbishop Etienne

Join us as we study and deepen our faith commitment to the Eucharist this year.

Guiding Documents:


Pastoral Letter -Year of Eucharist – NW Catholic

The Year of the Eucharist Overview Letter

Year of the Eucharist Overview Flyer R3

Our Timeline

Phase 1 – GATHERING  (July – September)

Phase 2 – WORD  (October – December)

Phase 3 – PRESENCE OF CHRIST (January – March)

Phase 4 – SENDING FORTH  (April – June)


The Archdiocese is currently gathering resources for all ministries to integrate…..

  • Overview for Year of the Eucharist
  • Official Year of the Eucharist Prayer
  • List of resource possibilities
  • Digital toolkit with banners and ads for websites