COVID-19 Bulk Purchase Opportunity

Do you need floor stickers, wall signs, & possibly a sanitation station?  You can find it all here!  Image Mill is a local company that provides graphics of all kinds as well as fabrication.  They are offering us bulk pricing for select items.  All items listed on the order form may be printed with your logo and school colors.

Q & A

  1.  How do I order?  Print the order form below, add your qualities, and email to
  2. What is the unit price?  Unit price is the cost per item
  3. Where do I find the pricing discounts?  Exact discounts will be shared when we tally all orders.  you can see the breakpoints under QTY on the order form. 
  4. Can our Parish order items for the church?  Absolutely!  They can even customize with their logo and colors.
  5. What is the order deadline?  Monday, August 31st
  6. What is the shipping date?  September 15th.  All items ordered will be shipped directly to your school or parish.
  7. When will we know what group discount applies for each item?  Tuesday, September 1st (when we have totaled all ordera)
  8. How does billing work?  Image Mill will set up an account for each school and/or parish.  You may pay by credit card or check.
  9. If I have specific questions about items on the order form, who do I contact?  Fred Curtis or Kristin Moore at 206-475-7069

Click here for the ORDER FORM