Recruiting Teachers Within the Archdiocese

In an effort to keep teachers working during these uncertain times, Kristine Moore and Kelly Surapaneni are kindly requesting that principals communicate with us when they have to reduce their staff. By doing this, Kelly and Kristine will be able to work with a list of teachers and help them to find work elsewhere in the archdiocese if this is what they desire. Please send Kristine the names and e-mail addresses of teachers who will be made redundant as this occurs, and this will help greatly to assist the OCS in finding them other positions.

On the subject of recruitment, please feel free to openly share the wonderful teacher recruitment video that Kristin Moore created which can be viewed here.

Here is a one-pager of our teacher recruitment initiatives- virtual fairs and posting recommendations. Click here.  Upcoming Virtual Fairs in Handshake will be included in future Keystones.

Handshake has put together a very helpful video on how to maximize your virtual career fair session:

For those who have questions about how to use Frontline and create new teacher positions or how to view applicants within job postings, there is an instructional Loom video which can be viewed here.