Mental Health Supports for Our Communities

September is Suicide Prevention Month – Check out the communications toolkit document that outlines the key themes, takeaways, and messages that any Washington State agency, partner organization, or school district can use to raise awareness of resources and help available to those who are struggling. (This information is courtesy of the Joint Information Center’s Mental Health Workgroup, the Department of Health (DOH), DOH Behavioral Health Strike Team, the Health Care Authority’s Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery).

THE MOOD CREW – Innovative tools for parents, caregivers, educators, and clinicians: Early childhood is a time when young ones are learning about emotions and finding ways to express them. This fun and engaging educational program, designed for ages 4 to 10, helps adults open a positive conversation about feelings with children. (Recommended by the Mental Health Ministry Committee)

From the Benefits Office – September Newsletter

Last March, children all across Washington State (and the United States) were told that they would be learning from home for a few weeks as a way to keep them healthy and free of the Coronavirus.  We all know that the weeks turned into months and the kids never made it back to their classrooms.  This led to a summer where camps cancelled sessions, swimming pools closed, and for most people, vacation, if you went anywhere, was a car ride across the state rather than a plane ride across the country. Now, September is coming and along with it, the first day of school…on the computer through distance learning.  These changes have had a negative impact on the mental health of many children.

Fortunately, there are resources available to parents as schools, mental health and health care providers understand the importance of this issue.  If you have noticed a change in your child’s behavior or mood, there is help available. Guidance Resources, our EAP administrator can assist you in finding a counselor for your child. They can be reached 24/7 by calling 800-311-4327 or by going to  (our company ID is ASEAP).

Additional information is also available through the following collection of links to articles: