Database Directory

Most schools should have received their new database directory spreadsheets by now, but we still have a few remaining left to send out. We would very much like to stick with a completion date of Wednesday, September 23rd, but understand that there may be some cases where this is not feasible. In this situation, please try to send the spreadsheet back to us as quickly as you are able.

There is a loom Tutorial video to show you how to complete the spreadsheet which can be viewed here. Please note, however, that the box on the far left with the 20/21 school year is no longer on the spreadsheet. You can continue to add new staff at the bottom of the list, and please highlight on the spreadsheet those members of staff who are no longer at the school. You can also e-mail Kristine Moore the names of these members of staff along with the spreadsheet if that is easier. If you have any questions, please contact