Christ in the Classroom Local Retreats – Update

Friday, October 16, 2020 was originally designated archdiocesan day for the CIC Foundation LOCAL Retreats but with the implications of Covid-19 and all schools working tirelessly to open schools appropriately, this date has been released and adjustments have been given to allow each school FLEXIBILITY in meeting their local Catechetical certification and renewal requirements during the 20-21 school year.  This year, the school leadership can consider any of the CIC retreat toolkits to fulfill the CIC requirements at a timeframe that works for the school.  Some school leaders might want to return to an earlier CIC Retreat toolkit and reapply the learning because of new staffing and/or needs of the community at this time. The CIC local retreat format will be also flexible – 5 hoursvia in-person, online or hybrid, or over time through a series of one hour sessions. This decision can be made as your school applies for clock hours using pdEnroller.

Please note: You must be logged on as a “school leader” in order to enter the portal. If you need help with access level and/or permissions, please contact Kristine Moore at To access the CIC Level I leadership materials and/or the CIC Foundation resources including the CIC Retreat toolkits, please visit the Christ in the Classroom Resources for School Leaders Portal.

NEW! As stated last week in our Principal Meetup mtg, Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center (IPJC) has recently developed and published an excellent 4-session retreat experience to break open the USCCB pastoral letter, Open wide our Hearts. While the suggested time to present and experience the content is 8 hours, a copy of the IPJC study guide has been purchased and mailed to each school leader to review and consider as a future CIC retreat experience.