Early Learning Newsletter February 1st

Early Learning Update Week of February 1st 

Each week I will send out an Early Learning Update email.  These are meant to be quick updates on any relevant items for the week including resources, Professional Development, new health department info and more:

Items Covered:

  • Early Learning Landing Page “News and Resources”
  • Upcoming Early Learning Fulcrum Grant Opportunity
  • Conversation with Dick Abrams: Established the Early Childhood Education Fund

Please see this week’s professional development opportunities and news: https://mycatholicschool.org/for-catholic-schools/catholic-identity/early-learning/

Early Learning Landing Page “Resources and News Tile”

As we have gathered and created more resources for Early Learning over the last few months I have reorganized the Early Learning Resources and News tile on the Early Learning Landing page. Please see  a brief description of each category here:

Resources and Curriculum: Currently holds the Pre-K Curriculum Standards and Kindergarten Screening Tool Information

Early Learning News Articles: Helpful articles and blogs about the Early Learning Industry

Early Learning Weekly Update Newsletter: Archives for the Weekly Update Newsletter

OCS EL Roundtable Recordings: Zoom recordings of our monthly Roundtables

OCS Licensed Program Webinar Recordings: Zoom recordings of our monthly Webinars

DCYF and Resource Webinars: Webinars, Videos and Resources from DCYF and other Early Learning outlets

Resources and News Tile: https://mycatholicschool.org/early-learning-resources-and-news/


Upcoming Early Learning Fulcrum Grant Opportunity

On Wednesday, February 3rd the Fulcrum Foundation will release the first ever Early Childhood Education Fund Grant Application. Founded in 2002, the Fulcrum Foundation leverages financial assistance to support and strengthen Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Seattle primarily through tuition assistance, school partnerships, and transformational leader training. Dick and Sharon Abrams established the Fulcrum Early Childhood Education Fund to increase awareness of Fulcrum and encourage broader support for Early Learning and their growing endowment. I will be sending an individual email to you and your principal next week with all the details to apply for the grant that can result in an award of up to $2,000 to support your program.


Conversation opportunity with Dick Abrams: Established the Early Childhood Education Fund

I do a monthly conversation with Dick Abrams, who established the Early Childhood Education Fund with his wife Sharon. During these conversations I update him on the work that is happening in the Early Learning Programs in our Archdiocese. One of the things Dick is excited to do is to have conversation with you to learn more about your specific programs. My Zoom’s with him are the second Tuesday of the month at 4:00pm. Please let me know if you would like to join one of these monthly meetings for 10-15 minutes to share about your program and I can get it scheduled and give you more details. Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you!


Thank you and have a wonderful week!