Fall 2023 CIC Foundation Local Retreat Toolkit-Task 4: Teaching Prayer: “Nothing Can Separate Us from His Love”

Our annual CIC local retreats are almost here!  Friday, October 13, 2023 is the designated archdiocesan day for the CIC Foundation local school retreats.

  • The following resources in this toolkit are designed to be used by school leaders and their CIC leadership teams to prepare for their retreats.
  • The materials are adapted from the CIC Foundation leadership retreat to create a 5 hour local retreat for your schools.
  • These resources are designed for you to use and adapt to personalize the retreat and make it truly formative for your teachers.


Task 4: Teaching Prayer: “Nothing Can Separate Us from His Love”

1.      CIC Local Retreat Sample Agenda (Word) : 5 hour format. Please use the clock hour sign-in attendance form for all participants to sign in the morning your CIC local retreat.

2.     Fall 2023 CIC Foundation Local Retreat Program in Handout format (Word)

        Fall 2023 CIC Foundation Local Retreat Program in Booklet format (PDF)

The booklet can be printed in 2 sizes: 8 ½ x 14 paper (legal) or 8 ½ x 11 paper (letter).  Set printer to desired paper size and the booklet is printed back to back (2-sided) in color.  The booklet is folded and stapled in the middle twice. We recommend selecting paper size is 8 ½  x 14.

3.      Presentation Slides for Task 4 w/ Notes (PowerPoint) 

Presentation Slides for Task 4 (PDF)

4.      Slide Notes to Accompany Presentation Slides (Word)

5.      Opening and Closing PrayersSuggestions for opening and closing your retreat in prayer.

6.      Music Resources : Suggested songs corresponding to each retreat session.

7.     Clock hours are available for this retreat but you must submit the pdEnroller clock hours application  by October 3 for the October 13 retreat.  Use this document to complete the clock hours application.  It  contains the approved agenda, description and program objectives for you to place directly into your pdEnroller clock hours application.