Frontline Recruiting and Hiring (Applitrack) for Administrators

Frontline Recruiting and Hiring, (formerly known as Applitrack), is the job posting and applicant management site used by the Archdiocese of Seattle for all of our Catholic Schools.

Administrators can access Frontline Recruiting and Hiring here: If you need access to your school’s login, or your password reset, please contact our office.

Frontline Recruiting and Hiring (Applitrack) FAQs for Administrators

What is it?

From the same company as our Absence Management, Applicant Tracking (formerly known as
and commonly referred to as Applitrack) is job posting site for our Catholic Schools. All your
openings should be listed here, but you are welcome to utilize other websites or avenues to
advertise positions.

How can I use it?

Job Descriptions: Before you begin, be sure to know what you are looking for. A good job
description helps explain the requirements for the position and will help draw in qualified
and passionate applicants.

Submitting Requisitions: A “requisition” is how you post a job. Those get submitted to me,
and then I approve them to be posted and made live online.

Reviewing Applicants: You can review applicants who have applied to your positions, and
those who are in applicant “pools” for types of positions. You can view their application,
resume, cover letter, and any other materials they have uploaded such as transcripts or
certificates. You can also communicate with them to set up interviews, etc.

Closing Filled Postings: You can close a filled position by going to Job Postings > Close an Approved Posting.

That should give you a drop down box to select the position you need to close.

What are best practices?

  • Check in after about 6 weeks if you have yet to hire. Positions are set to expire after 6-8 weeks, but if you have yet to hire, please contact our office so they stay up longer if needed.
  • When writing a title, it is important to include the school name at the top, and oftentimes the school year. For example, instead of “5th Grade Teacher” try “2019-2020 5th Grade Teacher – School Name, City”.
  • Write a good job description! Refer here for some examples.
  • Check you openings regularly and please remove filled postings.

Recommended Sites for Additional Job Postings: