Marketing During Closure

Important points to think about…

Retention:  What you are doing for your current families right now is HUGE!
  • Do you have parents that do not speak English?  Are instructions for Distance Learning translated for these parents?
  • ALWAYS be sure your messaging (including instructions!) has an understanding tone.

Example:  We understand there will be challenges in our new distance learning plan and know many  of our parents need to continue to work.  Your student may be with grandparents or other care givers and the technology piece will be a struggle.  Please know we understand and will make accommodations.  The key is staying in regular contact with your teacher.

  • Think of creative ways through social media to stay connected as a community & keep that messaging positive.

Example:  Daily message from the Principal, inspirational quote, word of encouragement, a fun video of a staff member, pictures of students actively engaged in Distance Learning.

  • Be sure parents know how to reach the teacher, principal, office staff, etc. during this time.  Post “Office Hours”
  • Your website should have an “Updates” section for parents to visit regularly.  It could be a blog that is added to daily.  You could call it “In the loop” or something fun.
Recruitment:  Messaging to perspective families must continue during this time!
  • Consider doing a virtual tour video
  • Record short teacher interviews:  “Welcome to preschool, I am Mrs. XYZ and I can’t wait to meet you!”
  • Add perspective families to a regular monthly newsletter to keep them engaged with your community
  • Make phone calls.  Reach out to families and ask how they are doing during this time and ask if they have any questions.

Sample wording during COVID-19 closures:

Distance will not keep our teachers from teaching and your students from learning!

Remote learning:  Developing valuable skills for today’s world.

No distance is too great for Catholic Schools!

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