Professional Development & Curriculum Day 2022

On 2/11/2022 the Office for Catholic Schools in our Seattle Archdiocese coordinated an archdiocesan-wide virtual professional development opportunity for our 71 Catholic schools.

By evaluating the needs of our schools through discussions and surveys in our GRACE teacher leadership program, we were able to provide PD in various educational areas by providing access to a wide array of speakers, presenters, and demonstrations that appealed to Catholic school educators. The day was structured into three main sessions – a Keynote Address from our Superintendent, Kristin Dixon, which set the tone for the day, followed by an AM session option and a PM session option, lasting typically around 3 hours each. All sessions provided our Catholic school educators with education clock hours for their active participation in the Professional Development day.

With almost 1,000 registered attendees, we found that the most impactful part of the professional development opportunity was not necessarily the attendance at the sessions themselves, but the opportunity for educators then to come back to their schools and present their findings and how they will be implementing their learnings into their classrooms/schools immediately. At our February GRACE teacher leader meeting, we were able to put together a synopsis presentation from all of the different offerings as a springboard for schools to reference – you can find that resource here.

We were able to coordinate a cross section of the sessions to record and provide for attendees (and for those who were not able to attend) which you can find below.

Our hope is that this day continues to provide support for our 71 Catholic schools and remains a relevant and professionally fulfilling opportunity for all educators in our Catholic school system. For 2023, we invite you to Save the Date for our PD&C Day 2023 on Friday, February 10th, 2023. We look forward to serving you again next year!

Session Materials

Budget and Finance for Principals and School Leaders

Presenter: John Sullivan, Assistant Superintendent of Finance, Office for Catholic Schools

To access PowerPoint presentation, click here.

Diversified Learners Committee: Serving Students with Neurodiversities

Presenter: Sandra Barton Smith, Assistant Superintendent – Mission and Catholic Identity, Office for Catholic Schools, and members of the Diversified Learners Committee

To access PowerPoint presentation, click here.

Leveraging Assessments for Effective Classrooms. Effective Use of Assessments

Presenter: Kim Marshall, editor of the Marshall Memo

To access PowerPoint presentation, click here.

Best of Marshall Memo website:

Spirituality for Educators

Presenter: Matt Barmore