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Unlock Your Child’s Potential With Our Pre-K Program!

The dreams you have for your child’s education start at St. Bernadette in Burien, WA.

We believe in a higher standard of education – the kind of education you and your child deserve.

That’s why we can’t wait to meet you! The first step is starting a conversation.

Simply fill out the form below to request a call from us and let’s get started. We can’t wait to partner with you in the education of your child, because we know they mean the world to you. Teaching them would be our joy.

Here’s to your child’s success!

What Other Parents Are Saying…

We’re Educating Future Leaders to Be:

Critical Thinkers.

High academic standards and small class sizes prepare our students to confidently meet the challenges & opportunities of tomorrow. Your child will receive hands-on teaching regardless of their ability, whether remote or in-person.

Known & Loved.

Our learning community enables students to feel safe, loved, and respected while growing in their relationship with Christ. He is the reason our worldview is infused with hope.

Courageous Disciples.

We are inspired to work to bring about the kingdom of God on Earth. This means we serve and support our neighbors (even globally), because we are transformed by God’s grace.

Our schools are SAFE learning environments.

COVID mitigation strategies are working!

  • All preschools are open.
  • We are working VERY closely with local health departments, operating schools in 7 different counties.
  • Depending on the county, students are being welcomed back for in-person learning with the option to continue remotely.

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Connect With St. Bernadette About Pre-K

Ready to start your child’s education with the right school?

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The Catholic School Advantage

in Virtue

Our teachers are committed to reinforcing the values you are teaching your children at home, respecting that you are the primary educator of your child.

High Academic &
Moral Standards

The combination of a rigorous curriculum with active faith prepares our students to confidently meet the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. Even while remote learning!

A Supportive & Loving Environment

Catholic schools are learning communities that provide sources of strong institutional support as well as safe, caring environments- especially during times of local and national crises.

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