Admissions Resources

Here you will find all kinds of templates for Admissions.  They are listed out below.  Some are linked to a template in Canva (you will need a Canva account to access the editable template) and others are simply a Publisher document meant for you to download and customize to your school.

Best Practices in Admissions:

  1. KEY:  A clear and simple application process
  2. Designate ONE person to walk a perspective family through the entire admissions process from tour to contract signing.
  3. An online application is a MUST in today’s digital age
  4. Be sure your application is not too cumbersome.  Keep your paperwork to a MINIMUM.  You have time at contract signing to gather remaining forms.

Click ON the image to download a PDF.  Click on the text to the right of the thumbnail for the template in Canva.


Internal Admissions Process Template 





Admissions Checklist ENGLISH







Admissions Checklist SPANISH





Tuition & Fees Template






Tuition & Fees SPANISH






Tuition Assistance






Tuition Assistance SPANISH





Other Admissions Documents you can download in PDF:


Tour Check-In Form

PK-8 Application

Intent to Return Form Example

Tuition Contract & Emergency Form…Coming Soon!


Tour Check-In Form

PK-8 Application

Tuition Contract & Emergency Form…Coming Soon!