Clock Hours


  • Instructions for submitting a clock hour proposal in pdEnroller – to be submitted by the school Clock Hours Manager

Submit the clock hour proposal a minimum of ten (10) days prior to the first day of the scheduled in-service.
For Instructions on how-to submit a clock hour proposal in pdEnroller, click here.

If the proposal is complete, you will receive an email from pdEnroller confirming the proposal has been approved. It will detail the number of clock hours for which it has been approved and will provide a clock hour claim code for faculty to request clock hours at the conclusion of the event.

If the clock hours proposal needs editing, your proposal will be returned to you as a DRAFT. You will receive an email with comments included so you can edit as appropriate and resubmit the proposal within the timeframe needed for clock hour approval.

Classes approved for clock hours must be a minimum of 1 hour in length. They may be held over a series of days. For example: A ten clock hour class may be 10 one-hour sessions or 5 two-hour sessions, or 4 two and one-half hour sessions, etc. Meal times and breaks cannot be included when calculating the number of clock hours requested.

Clock hours are offered in half hour increments and rounded down to the nearest half hour. For example, a class lasting 3 hours and 45 minutes is eligible for 3.5 clock hours.

If applying for Clock Hours for PLC Training or a Series of Workshops, you will need to upload all agendas at the time you submit the clock hour Proposal.

  • For instructions on verifying clock hour attendance in pdEnroller and awarding clock hours to transcripts, click here.
  • For instructions on how participants request clock hours with a claim code at the conclusion of an event, click here.  
  • For instructions on how to print an official transcript, click here.

Should questions arise on your clock hours proposal, please contact Lisa O’Leary at or by calling (206) 382-4843.