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Updated School Retention Schedule from Archives Office Now Available

Dear School Leaders, The Archives Office at the Chancery has just released an updated version of the Catholic Schools Retention Schedule protocol located at:  Catholic Schools Records RETENTION Schedule_2021-Archives Office This additonal link takes you to the comprehensive Catholic Schools Retention Schedule is located: Please share with your school office team to ensure protocols […]

Instructional Hours and Days for Private Schools

Instructional Hours and Days for Private Schools Current Rulemaking Activity: Rules regarding emergency waiver authority and private schools. In July, the Board adopted rules to allow flexibility for private schools to open online in the fall if needed. Rules regarding instructional hours and days. The Board adopted rules to ensure that distance learning time counts […]

Immunizations and Records for 20-21

Immunizations and Records for 20-21 Last Friday  Katherine Graff BSN, RN School and Child Care Immunization Nurse Consultant at DOH provided an overview of the State Board of Health immunization WACs effective August 1, 2020 related to: ·     Tdap change: Kids given Tdap before age 10 will now be required to have their Booster dose to […]

Call to Action for Catholic Schools

Catholic education has played an important role in lifting many from poverty to a more hopeful future. This mission is in danger as a result of the economic devastation facing many families across the country. Abrupt unemployment and lost income has meant that families suddenly find themselves unable to make the tuition payments that sustain […]

Waivers and Instructional Days/Hours

Our schools did not miss a beat  in educating our students through distance learning from day one of the school closures during COVID-19.  Our teachers have been providing consistent education to their students on a daily basis. On behalf of families and the OCS staff we thank you for all the creativity and time staffs […]

Private School Approval Application

Private schools apply annually for approval from the Washington State Board of Education to operate as an approved private school. The application form is currently available online. As of March 16, 2020 the State Board of Education granted an extension for submitting private schools application out two weeks. You have until April 15, 2020 to […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Summary

Current Centers for Disease Control (CDC) information on COVID-19. Schools must be ready both in providing a safe and healthy school environment as well as what to do in the event of a school closure. The following article COVID-19 Preparing for Widespread Illness in Your School Community provides a checklist for school leaders CDC always […]

Safety Updates

The School Safety and Student Well-Being Advisory Committee of the Office of the Superintendent met on December 5th.  This committee is primarily the working body of House Bill 1216 on School Safety. The committee is to advise public and private schools on all matters related to comprehensive school safety and student wellbeing. At this […]

November 2019 Policy Updates

Law Enforcement Support You may already be aware that Senate Bill 5514, which became law on July 28th, requires local law enforcement agencies to provide critical emergency notifications to all schools.  Many of you already have relationships with your local law enforcement agency, but it is good to reach out and make sure they have […]

Washington State Paid Family and Medical Leave Information

MEMO: PFML Announcement 10.28.19 PFML Announcement 10.28.19 In January 2019, WA State began collecting premiums from employee wages to fund the new WA Paid Family & Medical Leave taking effect January 1, 2020. Washington’s Employment Security Division manages this new program, which provides employee with partial wage replacement while away from work due to medical […]

Immunization Update 10-21-19

January 2020 is the initial timeline for compliance with the new Immunization Policy. It is important to understand the vaccine schedule for student immunization. Typically, the way it has worked with the state is that schools monitor students at the beginning of each school year. Should a student have a missing or no vaccine(s) the […]

Overview of New Immunization Policy

Booster Seat Law Change

Governor Jay Inslee signed a new law updating car seat regulations in Washington State beginning January 1, 2020. The booster seat law in Washington State changes for students from PK-8th grade. A summary of the new requirements: Children under age 2 must be properly secured in a rear-facing car seat until they reach the manufacturer’s […]

Immunization Update

Seattle Archdiocese Immunization Policy effective January 1, 2020 Prior to entry, attendance or transfer to a Level 1 Catholic preschool through high school in the Archdiocese of Seattle, students must present proof of having had the immunizations as required by Washington State law. Every student enrolled in a Level 1 Catholic School in the Archdiocese […]


In May 2019 the Washington State Legislature passed a bill that removes the personal and philosophical option to exempt children only from the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine required for school and child care entry. You may have received information from the Washington State Department of Health, and informed your community. If you have […]