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Database Directory of Archdiocese of Seattle Schools

As a reminder to all schools, please make sure that you have completed your staff database directory spreadsheet that was sent out by e-mail in September. It is crucial that we receive these back this week at the very latest (the week ending October 16th). In case you’re wondering why we need this staff database, two […]

Recruiting Teachers Within the Archdiocese

In an effort to keep teachers working during these uncertain times, Kristine Moore and Kelly Surapaneni are kindly requesting that principals communicate with us when they have to reduce their staff. By doing this, Kelly and Kristine will be able to work with a list of teachers and help them to find work elsewhere in […]

End of the Year Awards – Employees and Grade 7

Annual Service Awards – time to place your orders! Ordering closes May 31st! That time of year is upon us again! For all of the lovely recipients of the Annual Service Awards (for teachers, staff and principals), we have a form on SurveyMonkey  so you  can create your school’s awards list. These recognitions begin at […]

IMPORTANT NOTICE for Frontline Users: Applitrack & Aesop

Frontline Education is installing an update to our Frontline Applicant Tracking & Frontline Absence Management Wednesday, May 1st. Not to worry! This notice is to alert to this change, and to let you know that you should have received an email from Frontline inviting you to create a new Frontline Insights Platform ID. This means […]

School Office Mailing – May 2019

Monthly School Tasks— –OCS Facebook My Catholic School Website School Office Monthly Mailing Archives – click here. Dear School Office Colleagues, Happy Easter season!! We hope you had a lovely Spring Break, wherever it may have fallen this year. Now we are in this last quarter of the school year, please note a few housekeeping […]