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Reopening Catholic Schools – Fall 2020 – A Letter from Our Superintendent

In a spirit of communion, solidarity and subsidiarity, the Office for Catholic Schools provides high quality professional development, resources, and best practices to expand the evangelizing mission of our Church as we help one another form the school leaders God has designed for our time. June 18, 2020 Dear Catholic School Leaders, Teachers, Families, Little […]

Using HUMOR during the Coronavirus Outbreak

The Mental Health Ministry Committee continues to gather resources for our communities to use…. including humorous ones! Consider one a day for yourself and possibly for others….. if have others, just send to Sandy. Why are math textbooks always stressed?  Answer:  They deal with so many problems. What happened to the cat who ate a […]

General Information on COVID-19

Current Centers for Disease Control (CDC) information on COVID-19. Schools must be ready both in providing a safe and healthy school environment as well as what to do in the event of a school closure. The following article COVID-19 Preparing for Widespread Illness in Your School Community provides a checklist for school leaders CDC always […]