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What I’m thinking about…

I recently listened to a podcast on what was presented as the most important health issue facing our time, pre- COVID-19.  Loneliness.  Seems logical now, but before COVID?  Yes, this is the opinion of the former U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy.  He believes loneliness can be attributed to a myriad of physical ailments, and it is likely at the root of many public health issues.  He reminds his listeners that really the only medication we have for this… is love and quality relationships.

This makes me think of our teachers this week.  The teachers who continue to interface daily with students and parents during this confusing time.   We all worry about a student’s motivation to keep going, to keep learning.  We hear about what will be known as the “COVID slide!”  This is not a dance step, rather it relates to a student’s lost learning during remote learning.  We don’t know what assessments will reveal, but what we do know is our Catholic schools emphasize connection and relationships as we continue to value and nurture our students and their families.  I believe this central, core work will get us to the other side of the pandemic. 

When viewing our schools’ social media, the illustrations provide evidence of connection, community, and relationships:  spirit week, May Crowning, pre-kindergarten check-ins!  Just to name a few!  I hear about the many phone calls that school leaders are making to families.  Simple heartfelt questions and an invitation to communicate care and concern. Perhaps more now than ever, you reveal the face, hands and voice of Christ every day by reaching out and continuing to gently challenge students and families to truly engage.  I thank all teachers, staff and administrators for your continued vigilance and love of Catholic education.  Thank you for your courageous acts and your loving stamina to go the distance.  #becourageous19