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Fulcrum New Student Tuition Assistance Program 2021-22

The Fulcrum New Student Tuition Assistance Program is open for the 2021-22 school year. This program is different than TAP in that families do not apply for the program on their own. Schools administer this program at the local level and determine whether a family qualifies using a form provided by Fulcrum. In short, a […]

Thank you for supporting the Fulcrum Foundation’s virtual Celebration of Light 2021!

Thank you for supporting Fulcrum Foundation’s virtual Celebration of Light 2021! We are blown away by the generosity and selflessness of the Catholic community. In case you missed it, the full 30-minute program can be found here. You can also view the individual Celebration of Light videos on the Fulcrum Youtube channel here.

Fulcrum Programs-January 2021 Update

TAP – Deadline is January 8, 2021 The deadline for Fulcrum Tuition Assistance Grant Program (TAP) applications is January 8, 2021. In order to maintain our timeline and promised dates for determinations, there will be no exceptions for late applications. Most applicants must provide supporting documentation, like tax forms. FACTS determines what documentation is needed based on how […]

Pacific Alliance for Catholic Education Program (PACE) Teacher Interest & Request Form

The Pacific Alliance for Catholic Education (PACE) is a two-year graduate teaching program serving Catholic schools in the western United States. PACE program participants teach full-time in K-12 Catholic schools, live together in intentional communities, and earn tuition-free graduate degrees in education.  Click here to request a PACE teacher for your school: PACE Teacher Interest […]

COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund- Deadline December 31st, 2020

COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund The deadline to submit an application for the Fulcrum COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund is the end of the current calendar year. If you would like to apply, please do so by no later than December 31, 2020. The application is available via Foundant, our online grant management system. You can access it HERE. If […]

Fulcrum Foundation Programs Update: Tuition Assistance & School Partnership Grants

1.      The 2020-21 Fulcrum Foundation School Partnership Grant Program application window opens Wednesday, September 30, 2020 Accessing Grants Management System and Tutorials The application is available via Foundant, the online grants management system Fulcrum utilizes. To access the grants management system, click here (bookmark in your browser for ease of future access). If you forget your password, please […]

Database Directory

Most schools should have received their new database directory spreadsheets by now, but we still have a few remaining left to send out. We would very much like to stick with a completion date of Wednesday, September 23rd, but understand that there may be some cases where this is not feasible. In this situation, please […]

Instructional Hours and Days for Private Schools

Instructional Hours and Days for Private Schools Current Rulemaking Activity: Rules regarding emergency waiver authority and private schools. In July, the Board adopted rules to allow flexibility for private schools to open online in the fall if needed. Rules regarding instructional hours and days. The Board adopted rules to ensure that distance learning time counts […]

Fulcrum is featured in the Puget Sound Business Journal

June 2020: The Fulcrum Foundation is featured in the Puget Sound Business Journal Washington State COVID-19 Giving Guide and its Digital Showcase. Please click and share this link with others! To learn more about the Fulcrum Foundation, please visit:

St. Edward Parish Welcomes Seattle Nativity to its Campus

St. Edward Nativity News Release Final 6.2.2020v2 St. Edward Parish Welcomes Seattle Nativity School to its Campus Ensures continuation of strong Catholic education for under-served students Seattle, WA June 3, 2020 – Today, St. Edward Parish and Seattle Nativity School announce plans to relocate the school from its current location at Our Lady of Mt. […]

Immunizations and Records for 20-21

Immunizations and Records for 20-21 Last Friday  Katherine Graff BSN, RN School and Child Care Immunization Nurse Consultant at DOH provided an overview of the State Board of Health immunization WACs effective August 1, 2020 related to: ·     Tdap change: Kids given Tdap before age 10 will now be required to have their Booster dose to […]

Call to Action for Catholic Schools

Catholic education has played an important role in lifting many from poverty to a more hopeful future. This mission is in danger as a result of the economic devastation facing many families across the country. Abrupt unemployment and lost income has meant that families suddenly find themselves unable to make the tuition payments that sustain […]

Benefits Office – OPEN ENROLLMENT – MAY 1-15

Open Enrollment has begun, so be sure not to miss out! The Open Enrollment period is Friday, May 1 – Friday, May 15.   This is your once-a-year opportunity to review and make changes to your current benefits. If you take no action, your current benefit elections will rollover to the new plan year (July 1, 2020 […]

Waivers and Instructional Days/Hours

Our schools did not miss a beat  in educating our students through distance learning from day one of the school closures during COVID-19.  Our teachers have been providing consistent education to their students on a daily basis. On behalf of families and the OCS staff we thank you for all the creativity and time staffs […]

Coronavirus Relief Funds for Catholic Schools

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act has passed a roughly $2 trillion coronavirus response bill intended to speed relief across the American economy. There are seven main groups that would receive funds from the CARES Act: individuals, small businesses, big corporations, hospitals and public health, federal safety net, state and local governments, […]

Private School Approval Application

Private schools apply annually for approval from the Washington State Board of Education to operate as an approved private school. The application form is currently available online. As of March 16, 2020 the State Board of Education granted an extension for submitting private schools application out two weeks. You have until April 15, 2020 to […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Summary

Current Centers for Disease Control (CDC) information on COVID-19. Schools must be ready both in providing a safe and healthy school environment as well as what to do in the event of a school closure. The following article COVID-19 Preparing for Widespread Illness in Your School Community provides a checklist for school leaders CDC always […]

Saint Martin’s University- Post Graduate Spring Information Sessions

Saint Martin’s University offers information sessions for those interested in Post-Graduate School Administrator Certificate. Spring Information Academy Flier 02032020 v2 Click here for more information on our partners in Educational Leadership   

Policy Related Updates

POLICY UPDATES FORMS ON THE WEBSITE There are new forms on the website to bring to your attention. First, under Field Trip Forms,  the Field Trip Consent forms have all been updated to include the new requirements for child safety restraints. Second, the Volunteer Driver form has been updated to reflect the drivers commitment to […]

Regional Curriculum Development Day, March 13, 2020

March 13 will fast approach! Regions are planning exciting initiatives and possibilities for their teachers at the regional level, take a peek! Executive Principals are responsible for completing the online registration form for the regions. We ask that all Executive Principals submit the completed plan no later than February 13, 2020. Funding of $2,000 per […]

2020 E-Rate Filing Deadlines

E-Rate update on 2020-21 funding year filing dates: The OCS E-Rate task force is preparing for the 2020 filing for FCC E-Rate discounts for Internet (Cat 1) and network hardware (Cat 2). There are a few deadlines to remember: January 10th – All school contact information must be entered into E-Rate’s online school EPC profile. Most […]

Understanding Deadlines

There are many deadlines that schools are requested to meet both by the Office of Catholic Schools and by Washington State’s  Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). These requests for data/deadlines can get lost in the onslaught of daily emails schools receive. Immunizations Only 58 of our schools have met reporting their immunization […]

Professional Development Events – hosted by O’Dea High School

O’Dea is offering two Professional Development events in 2020.  Both events will offer sessions on Technology Integration and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) programming.  So please save these dates and use the links below to register.  Feel free to share these opportunities with your professional community.   Innovative School Transformation Conference March 13th, 2020 7:45am […]

November 2019 Policy Updates

Law Enforcement Support You may already be aware that Senate Bill 5514, which became law on July 28th, requires local law enforcement agencies to provide critical emergency notifications to all schools.  Many of you already have relationships with your local law enforcement agency, but it is good to reach out and make sure they have […]

Accreditation Visiting Team Registration

Being part of an accreditation visiting team is an enriching professional development opportunity that provides clock hour certificates to each team member. Through the process of objectively examining a school, members look at their own schools in a new way. Teachers and Administrators are welcome to register to join an Accreditation Team. If you would […]

Immunization Update 10-21-19

January 2020 is the initial timeline for compliance with the new Immunization Policy. It is important to understand the vaccine schedule for student immunization. Typically, the way it has worked with the state is that schools monitor students at the beginning of each school year. Should a student have a missing or no vaccine(s) the […]

Please welcome our newest administrative assistant, Kristine Moore!

Please welcome our newest administrative assistant, Kristine Moore!  The Office for Catholic Schools is happy to welcome and introduce Kristine Moore to the Catholic Schools community! Kristine is serving as our new Administrative Assistant supporting the areas of mission, Catholic identity, personnel, school governance, and school operations.   Kristine brings over twenty years of administrative experience […]

Federal Programs

Federal Programs Each of our schools is entitled to access federal funds to support student achievement. There are four federal programs that you have or will want to file to receive with OSPI for participation. Title I, Part A Closing Educational Achievement Gaps   Title 1  which is all about student achievement and closing the […]

The Math Games registration is officially open!

THE MATH GAMES – October 26th, 2019 Saturday, 1-4 pm, @ Seattle Prep McHugh gymnasium Gather your teams and sign them up – you won’t want to miss this amazingly fun, math-filled adventure!  The theme’s a surprise, but if past years give hints, we’ve had bugs and guts and eyeballs galore!  Rubies and feathers, hints […]

Accreditation Visiting Team Registration

Being part of an accreditation visiting team is an enriching professional development opportunity. Through the process of objectively examining a school, members look at their own schools in a new way. Teachers and Administrators are welcome to register to join an Accreditation Team. If you would like to be on a visiting accreditation team for […]