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Dear School Office Colleagues,

Happy Easter season!! We hope you had a lovely Spring Break, wherever it may have fallen this year. Now we are in this last quarter of the school year, please note a few housekeeping items.

Firstly, we have a new location for our School Office Mailing Archives. You can find it on the new website and the top menu, under “For Catholic Schools”–>”School Business Administration”–>”School Office Mailing”.

Secondly, please note the changes with Frontline Absence Management (Aesop) and Frontline Applicant Tracking (Applitrack). If you are a user for one or both of these applications from Frontline Education, you should have received an email inviting you to create a new username and password for your Frontline ID. If you did not receive the email, or have not gotten the chance to do so, the next time you go to log on to either one it will ask you to create your new Frontline ID. For more information please review this article about the update, as well as information from Frontline Education. The new login ID is the only major change with this update! There will be a few smaller features you gain such as being able to toggle between multiple roles (such as being an employee and a campus user), but all your information will remain the same and the interface should not appear too different.

Lastly, as we are deep in hiring season this May, we wanted to provide for you some resources with on-boarding new employees, or renewing covenants.

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CYO Athletics: Compete as one community! CYO Athletics is sports done a different way – as one community. Individuals and teams strive for greatness in accordance with Gospel values. To develop the whole person, we teach that success is not measured solely by the scoreboard, but by the effort, team play, and fun of the experience.  Consider: Athletics Home, Adult Sports, Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Track + Field, Volleyball, and Pierce County Athletics

Scott Bailey, Director
Phone: 206-274-3128


CYO CAMPS: CYO Summer Camps have a deep and rich history that date back to 1950 when Gordie Hamilton and Archbishop Connelly set out to establish a summer camp for youth to attend that was rooted in our Catholic faith.  Much of the history has been passed on throughout the years and is shared with new camper every year.  Take a look at our history that you are now part of! Consider: Summer Programs, Environmental Education, Rentals and Retreats, and Family Camp!

CYO Camp Director:  Shaune comes from the Seattle area and fell in love with CYO Summer Camps when he worked there in the late 90’s.  After some time with the YMCA and owning his own restaurant in Kirkland, he found his way back to CYO in 2009 as a program director.  He is dedicated to growing the programs and mission of the Catholic Church in Western Washington.

Shaune Randles, Director    Email:

May Key Events:

May Checklist:

THANK YOU for your hard work to open wide the doors to our Lord, Jesus Christ!
If I can be of service, please contact me!

Eugenia Geisel