Database Directory of Archdiocese of Seattle Schools

As a reminder to all schools, please make sure that you have completed your staff database directory spreadsheet that was sent out by e-mail in September. It is crucial that we receive these back this week at the very latest (the week ending October 16th).

In case you’re wondering why we need this staff database, two reasons immediately spring to mind among many: A request to share information in grade level groups or like content has been a need for many years. The GRACE program will certainly aim to accommodate this request – but we need your staff names! It’s also imperative that we know who your Safety Officers (COVID supervisors) are for each building so they will be given the resources and tools that are up-to-date.

We are very close to having our directory database complete – 58 of 72 schools have been submitted, so please help us get to the magic number 72!