Early Learning Newsletter October 12th

Early Learning Update Week of October 12th, 2020

Each week I will send out an Early Learning Update email.  These are meant to be quick updates on any relevant items for the week including resources, Professional Development, new health department info and more. Please see this weeks news:

Items Covered:

  • All: Early Learning Portal Page
  • All: Program Space Photographs
  • Licensed only: DCYF Grants
  • Licensed only: DCYF Resource video for Education Requirements, Pre-Service Requirements and Training and In-Service Training
  • Licensed only: Save the Date for MERIT webinar

Early Learning Portal Page:

I have started the development of a landing page for Early Learning Leaders in the archdiocese. The page includes Professional Development, News and Resources, Licensing Resources and Program Spotlight. My hope is that this can be a one-stop shop for resources you need.   Please click on the link below, bookmark it and go to the page to click around to see the start of what has been added. I am hoping to get your feedback on the page in our one-on-one conversations so you can let me know what would be the most helpful for you to have included.


Program Space Photographs:

Unfortunately during this time of COVID we do not have the opportunity to visit other sites and see the great work our colleagues are doing. My hope is that you can take pictures of the layout of your spaces (including outdoor spaces if you want to include) and label your pictures by your site. I have created a drop box link (included below) that I will imbed on the Landing Page so we can view other programs and get ideas of how you are using spaces. Thank you for uploading your photos to this dropbox.



Last spring DCYF provided grants to licensed programs to help with increased operating costs of COVID. Last week DCYF announced they have received funds for additional grants this Fall. I anticipate that the grants will work in a similar manner to how they worked in the Spring. If so the grant application will be on your grant tab in your provider portal when the application opens. In the Spring funds were distributed in the following ways – please keep us updated if you notice the grant application are open:

From the Spring round of grants: A flat amount for each interested licensed provider will be based on capacity using DCYF’s WA Compass and MERIT data. Providers may apply to receive these one-time funds. Funding amounts will be based on licensed capacity:

  • Small: 0-49
  • Medium: 50-99
  • Large: 100-150+

DCYF will disperse funds as follows:

  • $6,500 to small and open providers
  • $11,500 to medium and open providers
  • $14,000 to large and open providers

Funds can be spent on facility or space rent, personnel, utilities, health and safety or cleaning supplies and food.

DCYF Resource Video

Last winter DCYF did some very informative Webinars for the Current and Updated Staff Education Requirements, Pre-Service Requirements and Training and In-Service Training. This great video (58 minutes and well explained and organized) was released on Feb. 24th, right before the pandemic started. If you have not had the chance to watch please do so as it does a great job of explaining the requirements for each level of staff. It is on You Tube so you can start and stop as your time permits. I will also include the link on the News and Resources page on the Early Learning portal.


Save the Date for Workforce Registry, MERIT Webinar – Tuesday, December 15th 6:00pm

New updates and features are coming to the workforce registry, MERIT. The new updates will include easier navigation and a better overall design to help you track your progress. Stay tuned for more details and don’t miss out!


Have a great week!