Catholic Schools Week 2020

Catholic Schools Week is a wonderful time to celebrate and showcase all the amazing work we do.  Many of our schools have activities all week including an Open House.

Here are some tips on how to make your Open House memorable and effective:

 1.  Invite your entire school community to the Open House.  It is important for perspective families to feel the sense of community that exists and current families can help make that tangible.  Also, no one likes be the only customer in an empty restaurant…fill your school with energy…the visiting families will appreciate it!

2.  Create a fun incentive to draw your current families to your Open House.

    • Maybe a themed cake decorating contest (what we love about our school, mad science, all about math, etc.)
    • Cookie contest (bring your BEST cookie recipe)
    • Select a panel of judges (students, alumni, parents) and give away fun school swag to the winners
    • Offer free dress to all current school families in attendance

3.  Train 7th & 8th Grade Students to give strong tours

    • Teach them how to greet perspective families (firm handshake, introduction, and good eye contact)
    • Train them to give a good solid tour and to answer questions appropriately

4.  Plan a fun and interactive event.  Here are some fun ideas to inspire some creativity:

5.  Have a raffle for all those who brought a friend to Open house

6.  Be sure to have a check-in table

    • Have friendly faces and bubbly personalities at this station
    • Invite bilingual individuals to be available to tour and answer questions about the school.  We have diverse communities!
    • Perspective families sign in.  Capture names, children’s ages, mailing address, and email
    • Give a visiting family small gift…maybe some school swag!

6.  Speak at all masses and invite Parishioners to the Open House

7.  Be sure to have plenty of refreshments for visitors.  Food always brings people together!

8.  Follow up with personalized thank you notes to all visiting families

9.  Meet with the organizing team after the event to debrief and consider improvements that can be made for next year.  What worked?  What didn’t?

If you have questions or if you would like the Canva templates for the ideas listed above, email Kristin Moore, Director of Marketing & Enrollment at