High School Religion Standards

Archbishop Sartain’s Approval of the Secondary Religion Standards:

“Thanks for giving me the chance to review the new “Secondary Religion Standards.” It would be an understatement to say that they are terrific! I am very grateful to you, Kristin and everyone on her team who clearly worked very hard to bring these Standards to life and to put them into practice in our high schools. When you have the chance, please communicate my thanks to everyone who played a part in their development. As you mentioned last week, since I was on the Committee that formulated the Framework, I’m quite familiar with it! And, I’m very pleased to see how that Framework has come to fruition here in our archdiocese. For a number of years, starting from the time I was still a pastor in Memphis, I also was one of the reviewers of Catechetical texts for conformity with the Catechism, and during that time I grew in appreciation both for those who write the texts and for the shortcomings that some texts contained. Through the years, the publishers came to appreciate the conformity process, and the result has been a much improved library of grade school and high school religion texts.

I am very happy to give my approval, effective immediately!”
July 12, 2016

Title and Introduction Pages articulating the Secondary Religion Curriculum Standards
Catholic High School Committee Members
Glossary of Terms – Secondary and Elementary
Course 1: The Revelation of Jesus Christ in Scripture
Course 2: Who is Jesus Christ?
Course 3: The Mission of Jesus Christ (The Paschal Mystery)
Course 4: Jesus Christ’s Mission Continues in the Church
Course 5: Sacraments as Privileged Encounters with Jesus Christ
Course 6: Life in Jesus Christ