Frontline Absence Management: Overview for Teachers

What is it?

Frontline Absence Management, (formerly known as and commonly referred to as Aesop), is the system our Archdiocesan schools use to manage substitute teachers and track teaching staff absences. As teachers, you can use this system as a way to upload lesson plans or notes for substitute teachers, as well as leave feedback for substitutes.

How do I get a Frontline Account?

  • Your Principals (or other school administrator) should have updated staff lists with your information at the beginning of the school year, or upon your hiring.
  • You will receive an email from Frontline with your login information.
  • If you do not receive this email by the time you need a sub, please reach out to our office.
  • If you were already in the substitute pool on Frontline, or switched schools as a teacher, you can contact our office to help update your account.

What are best practices?

  • It is very important to properly record your absences, because some schools rely heavily on Aesop for tracking your attendance.
  • Please be sure that someone is already an approved substitute in the sub pool prior to asking someone to sub for you.
  • Lastly, it’s very important to properly record your absences and sub assignments, as it can affect the sub’s timely and accurate payment as well as your own absence records.
  • There should be a “Campus User” in your school office who can assist you with Frontline. It will be very helpful to learn who this person is in your building. They are there to help!



Contact Office for Catholic Schools
206 – 382 – 3498


Download the PDF file of the above information:
Frontline Absence Management Teachers