Frontline Absence Management: Overview for Administrators

What is it?

Frontline Absence Management, (formerly known as and commonly referred to as Aesop), is the system our Archdiocesan schools use to manage substitute teachers and track teaching staff absences.

Who should be in Aesop?

There are 3 types of users from your school that should be in Aesop.

Campus users: Principals and any additional school office or administrators who assist with staff attendance or assigning substitutes.
Teachers: Teaching staff who require substitutes. Please take a look at your staff list and send me any edits to remove or new hires to add prior to the start of the new school year.
Substitute Teachers: On-Call substitute teachers. Multi-location subs who are paid through the Substitute Pool payroll. Substitutes who only sub at your school may be in Aesop as well to be assigned jobs, but please communicate to me clearly what your plan for their payment is if they are being paid locally.

Long-term substitutes should not be in Aesop (as subs) and should be paid through the local payroll system. Substitutes who are also school employees and only sub at your school should be paid locally as well.

How can I get someone new into Aesop?

New applicants can be directed to complete an application through Applicant Tracking. Before being put into the sub pool they need to submit the following paperwork: an I-9 form, a W-4 form, and our Personnel Action Form. It is also imperative that they complete and be up to date with Safe Environment Requirements. You are welcome to help them complete these forms and send them our office.To update your staff list or add a new teacher to Aesop, please contact contact our office and include the staff member’s name, email and contact info, and position.

What are my school’s responsibilities with Aesop?

•Entering Absences
•Approving Absences
•Reconciling Absences

These three steps are important because if absences and substitutes are not properly recorded, it can potentially affect or delay the payment of our substitute teachers.