Early Learning Licensed Program Resources

Washington Administrative Code and Updates

Foundational Quality Standards for Early Learning Programs
Easy to use directory of all State of Washington WAC’s for Early Learning

Background Check Rules
Background Check information for Potential Licensed Staff

Forms and Documents

Useful Forms and Documents
This link will connect you to a page with multiple useful templates including Medication Forms and logs, Drills, Attendance Forms, Parent Notification communication, Change of Leadership form and more.

Feasibility Checklist
This form would be used to determine if a space is appropriate for licensing

Monitoring Checklist (Example)

Fire Safety and Emergency Drills Form

Annual Fire Inspection Form

Medication Log

Individual Care Plan and Food Allergy Form

Injury/Incident Report

Staff Qualifications, Training and Requirements

MERIT Main Page
Log-In Page for Staff MERIT portal

Frequently Asked Questions for staff MERIT portals and STARS training

Qualifications and Role Requirements
As an child care provider, you must meet the general staff qualification requirements for your role

Guide to Training Requirements

Guide to Professional Development Plans

General Staff Qualification Chart

Training Requirements and Completion Timeline

Volunteering in an Early Learning Facility

Professional Development, Training and Requirements FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions for Staff Qualifications, Pre-service Requirements, Training Requirements and In-service (STARS hours)

DCYF Online Training Portal
This portal allows access to DCYF trainings that are required for new license programs and new staff including pre-service and training requirements

Career Planning and Pathways
This link provides resources for degrees and certificates for early learning professionals.

Career Planning Portal
Learn about careers and career pathways in early childhood education.
Find a Certificate, Associate, or Bachelor’s degree program.
Get contact information to connect with the college’s Point of Contact to schedule an advising appointment with someone from the Early Childhood Education department.
Learn about getting help to pay for college and how to apply.

Scholarships, Incentives and Awards
The Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF) provides funding opportunities, incentives, and awards for the early learning community.