Enrollment Goal Creator

Schools are encouraged to set an Enrollment Target that can be reasonably achieved and that can be met while maintaining a high level of service. For example, just because a school facility has capacity to accommodate an additional 100 students, it may be unwise to set such a goal without consideration of additional staff hires needed to maintain proper attention to each student.

When setting the target for a year, the Enrollment Target Worksheet can be a helpful tool to anticipate different factors such as the current enrollment, graduating students, and transferring students to determine the actual number of new students needed.

In the example above, St. Catholic School hopes to grow total enrollment by 10 students. After considering the number of current students that will be lost to graduation and transfers, the actual number of new students required to reach the Enrollment Target is brought to 38. Take notice of the potential revenue growth of 10 additional students in the next school year.