SchoolAdmin Training

The SchoolAdmin team is here in Seattle and offering an in-person training (topics covered below) for all schools currently using the system.

The training will be held on Wednesday, August 10th at the Office for Catholic Schools Building, Isaac Orr Room. Address: 910 Marion Street, Seattle. Parking instructions will be emailed to all registered participants.

The SchoolAdmin team is also available to make school visits to meet your team and work with them on any issues they are experiencing in the system. They will be out and about on Thursday, August 11th.

To register for the Wednesday training and/or schedule a site visit, please click the register button below.

Wednesday, August 10th Training Topics

Unit 1: Email Creation and Best Practices 

Duration: 1 hour

Learning Objectives: In this course, you’ll learn about the different types of communication you can manage within the system such as automated and manual email communications, letter template creation for decisions and more, and label templates for mailings and event name tags. This course will also include a high level overview of text messaging, scheduled emails and automated communication plans.

Course Outline

  • Email Best Practices and Setup Page
  • Email Types and Best Practices(High Level)
    • System Emails
    • Authentication Emails
    • Request Emails
    • Custom Email Creation and Branding
  • Letter Templates
  • Label Templates
  • Text Messaging (High Level)
  • Scheduled Emails vs Automated Communication Plans (High Level)

Unit 2: How to Use Search and Build Reports
Duration: 1 hour

Learning Objectives: In this course, you’ll learn how to use search criteria and utilize and/or logic to get the reports you need for your daily workflows and to stay on track of your admissions and/or enrollment goals. Next, you’ll learn the advantages to different reporting views, how to expand your reports with custom displayed columns, and how to save and set visibility options for each report you build. This course will finish with bulk action use cases for custom reports and a review of the Admissions and Enrollment reports. 

Course Outline

  • How to create a search using the criteria builder
  • And/Or Logic
  • Reporting views
  • Change Display/Columns
  • How to save a search
  • Bulk Actions
  • Admissions Report
  • Enrollment Report

Unit 3: Designing a Dynamic and Customized Parent Portal

Duration: 1 hour

Learning Objectives: In this course, you’ll learn about all of the parent portal templates you can customize to build a more personalized and dynamic experience for your prospective and current families, while emphasizing your brand and mission. This course will also review account creation, checklist item best practices and parent impersonate for testing.

Course Outline

  • Parent Account Creation
    • Password Reset
    • Authentication
  • Parent Portal Content Templates
    • General Templates
    • Login Page Description
    • Portal Widget
    • Summary Page Header & Sidebar Content
    • Contact Page Header & Sidebar Content
    • Custom Fee Check & Payment Instructions
    • Custom Fee Check & Payment Instructions
    • Pay Now Instructions
  • Admissions Templates
    • Inquiry & Application Thank You Pages
    • Application Fee & Check Instructions
    • Checklist Item Descriptions
  • Enrollment Templates
    • Deposit Fee & Check Instructions
    • Dual Signature Instructions
    • Checklist Item Descriptions
  • Billing Templates
    • Autopay Terms & Conditions
    • Billing Management Widget
  • Parent Impersonate
    • Login in as various parents to test different parent portal views, based on any rules that may apply between admissions and enrollment, or other criteria that may be set.

Unit 4: Automating your Workflow in SchoolAdmin

Duration: 1 hour

Learning Objectives: In this course, you’ll learn what’s needed to create a communication plan for your school’s internal and external workflows.  This course will review how to create a communication plan using different triggers and criteria for your Inquiry, Application and Enrollment Workflows.

Course Outline

  • Communication Plan Best Practices
  • Communication Plan Stages and List Page Actions
    • Inquiry
    • Admissions
    • Enrollment
  • Types of Messages
    • Internal
    • Informational Messages (External)
    • Interest-Based Messages (External)
  • How to Build a Communication Plan/Add a Step
    • Name the Step
    • Checklist Triggers
    • Status Triggers
    • Additional Criteria
    • Actions
    • Timing
    • Recipients
    • Email Template
    • Reminder Text