Sub Pool Guide to Creating a Virtus Profile for Safe Environment Requirements

The Archdiocese of Seattle uses the VIRTUS program along with the VIRTUS database to comply with the Safe Environment Program requirements. The Archdiocese of Seattle requires all Personnel and Volunteers to take part in our Safe Environment Program.

BEFORE CREATING A PROFILE: If you have worked in the Archdiocese as a volunteer or employee in the past, please contact the Archdiocesan Safe Environment Program coordinator at 206.382.4285 or  before creating a new profile. This ensures that your historical record is maintained and kept current. Please do not create a new profile if you have created one in the past.

This guide will provide instructions for creating a VIRTUS profile. You must finish all of the steps from Sections 1-5 to complete the registration process. Red boxes will outline the important parts of each image.

SECTION 1: Creating a Username and Password
These steps will help you complete the identification portion of your profile. Make sure all the information you provide is accurate.

Please DO NOT create a new Virtus Account if there is any chance you created one in the past!!!

  1. Go to
  2. Click “First Time Registrant” under the sign-in field in the upper-left hand corner of the webpage.
  3. Click “Begin the Registration Process.”
  4. On the dropdown menu, choose “Seattle, WA (Archdiocese)” and then click on the “Select” button to the right.
  5. a.You will be asked if you have previously registered with Virtus Online. If you have been employed or volunteered in the Archdiocese in the past it is likely that you already have an account. STOP HERE and CONTACT the Archdiocesan Safe Environment Coordinator for further assistance. 206.382.4285 or
    b. If you have never created a Virtus profile before, click NO and proceed to the next step. Note: you should see the Archdiocese of Seattle’s Coat of Arms on the next page.
  6. Enter a user ID and password. Please record your user ID and password and store in a safe place.
  7. Continue to the next page.
  8. Type your personal information into the required fields. Review for accuracy and then click the “Continue” button.SECTION 2: Selecting a Primary Location and Role
  9. After completing the identification portion of your profile, choose the primary location, as well as choose your primary role within the Archdiocese of Seattle.As a sub for the Office of Catholic Schools you are an employee of the Archdiocese. Please DO NOT choose a school location. Select Catholic Schools Department for the location. Please read the choices carefully – once selected they cannot be changed.
  10. Select Employee (Diocesan/Eparchial) for the primary role. Please read the choices carefully – once selected they cannot be changed. Please DO NOT choose Educator.
  11. Please be sure to enter the job title! Scroll to the bottom of the page and type in the job title “Substitute Teacher – OCS Sub Pool”.
  12. Click “Continue”.SECTION 3:  Safe Environment Church Personnel PoliciesAfter selecting your primary location and role you will be directed to download, read and sign off on the Safe Environment personnel policies: Code of Professional Conduct for Church Personnel; Policy for the Prevention of and Response to Sexual Abuse, Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Harassment; and Reporting Suspected Abuse or Neglect of Minors and Vulnerable Adults.
  13. Please download a copy of the policies so that you can refer to them in future as needed. These are important documents that outline and clarify the expectation of all Church Personnel.
  14. You may read the three policies in full by scrolling down page by page. Once you have read the policies, check the box at the bottom and electronically sign that you acknowledge receipt of the documents, which completes the Safe Environment Program Church Personnel Agreement form.SECTION 4: Registering for Initial Training Session

    After reading the Personnel Policies and completing the Agreement form you will be directed to sign up for Protecting God’s Children for Adults initial training. Because you are creating a new Virtus profile we presume that you are in need of this foundation class.

  15. Click “No” when asked if you have already attended a foundation class. The foundation class is only required initially. All subsequent training is done through online renewal modules.
  16. You have two format options for Initial Training: 1)Select a session from the list: in-person sessions are offered at parishes and schools around the Archdiocese. Or 2) An online session which may be competed in the privacy of your own home. You need only complete initial training one time, at either an in-person session or via online module. Please remember that initial training is required to be completed before you can substitute. If there is a timing issue with this, please reach out to Synthiea Kaldi 206.382.3498 or
  17. IMPORTANT: If you have assigned yourself the Online Awareness 4.0 session you will view the module from the privacy of your own home. You must finish creating your Virtus profile and then visit and login as an existing user with the User Id and Password you created. Once on the Home page you will see a “Current Training” box on the dashboard. Click the link “you have 1 online module assigned” and this will connect you to the video. It is approximately 90 minutes in length and upon completion you may download the certificate of completion for your records if you wish.SECTION 5: Completing a Trak-1 Background Check (or BGC)

    It may cause an error in the application.

    After registering for an upcoming initial training session you will be prompted to complete your background check submission.

    Please do not click the background check prompt in Virtus until you have 15 min of uninterrupted time to complete the application in one sitting start to finish.

    You’ll be directed to Trak-1, the BGC vendor, to complete the application.

  18. Click on the blue link ***Complete Trak-1 Background Check***. You will be directed to the PeopleFacts/Trak-1 website to continue the application process.
  19. Read the disclosure statement. This is a ‘standard’ statement for Trak-1, a national organization serving many corporations. Please be aware that the Archdiocese of Seattle does not conduct credit reports on any employees or volunteers through the background check process.Click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.
  20. Read the Summary of Your Rights. Click “Continue”.
  21. Carefully read the Authorization Disclosure. With this form you authorize PeopleFacts/Trak-1 to conduct a background check on you and to report that background check to the Archdiocese of Seattle.
  22. Scroll down to see the full page. Enter your Zip Code, and re-enter it to validate. Hover your cursor over the “Applicant Signature” box and a e-pen will provide you with a means to sign your name. Click “Redo Signature” as needed. When the signature is satisfactory click “Continue” at the bottom right.
  23. Read the notice to Washington applicants and click “Continue”.
  24. Click ” Continue.”
  25. Carefully fill in each field with the pertinent information. Please note that all fields with an asterisk (*) are required fields. The Archdiocese of Seattle does not ask for any sensitive information except your date of birth. Social Security number is NOT REQUIRED to conduct a background check in the Archdiocese of Seattle.
    Click “Next”.
  26. Please carefully review all of the information. If there is an error, click “Back to Applications” and correct the error. Click “Continue” on the applications page, and again review all the information for accuracy.
  27. When you are certain that the application is accurate and complete, click “Submit Application”. You will receive acknowledgement that your background check was submitted. Wait for this confirmation and then exit the Trak-1 website.
  28. You’ll be back in Virtus. Your profile will show red-incomplete until the results from Trak-1 upload to your Virtus profile, and that could take 3-7 days. You can check back after that to be sure it goes to green-current.This completes your application through PeopleFacts/Trak-1 and your Virtus profile is now fully created!
    This profile becomes a permanent record of your Safe Environment Program requirements in the Archdiocese of Seattle. You will be required to update your background check and complete a 20 minute online training update every three years. Virtus will send reminder emails when due, so it is important to update your email address if it changes.

    Thank you for your service to the Archdiocese of Seattle and your commitment to help keep our most vulnerable children and adults safe.

    If you have questions or need assistance please reach out to your local SEP Coordinator, Synthiea Kaldi 206.382.3498 or or the Safe Environment Office at or (206) 274-3188 for more information or assistance.