Safety Training with Seattle Police

We are hosting a facilitated discussion with Paul McDonagh, Captain with the Seattle Police Department. Captain McDonagh is sought out for his training across the country. He will guide us through a scenario-based training model to build our understanding and skills to respond to threats and on-site violence.
Participants will:
  • Review Archdiocesan parish and school safety policies to support our parishes and schools.
  • Understand through discussion and scenarios of the four stages of emergency planning to include: 1) prevention; 2)mitigation; 3) response; 4) recovery
  • Sample emergency policies with best practices will be offered.

Captain McDonagh emphasizes the importance of taking steps in preparedness, especially in light of current events.

Lead Chancery personnel will be trained first followed by 3 regional trainings for pastors, principals, pastoral associates and/or safety delegate(s).

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