MDI – Immersion in Action – St. Edward School

Grades 7th and 8th had a great time on their MDI – Immersion Project at Christ Our Hope Church on October 31, 2018.

We arrived to Josephinum house at 9:35 a.m. and we were welcomed by Lauren, who took us to the church for an orientation. She was shortly joined by Fr. Heric, the pastor of the parish who said prayer and explained to students why it was important to serve our brothers and sisters who live on the margins of the society. He emphasized that all people deserve to be treated by dignity since they are created in the image of God.

The four groups started their direct services at their sites at 10:30 am. At 12:15, all groups were back at Josephinum House to have lunch with the residents.

Students were divided into four groups: The first group worked at the Heritage House – they offered direct service activities to the residents. The second group worked at the Oz House. Students in this group hosted a game of bingo for residents under the supervision of the housing staff, Ms. Castillo, and myself.

Students in the third and fourth groups stayed at the Josephinum house. One group was in charge of preparing a meal that was served during lunch and the other group was responsible for setting up for the Halloween party for the residents. Both groups were supervised by Ms. Gaston, Mrs. Nguyen, Ms. Reyes, and Lauren, the Program Coordinator.

Our students touched the lives of the people they served as one of the residents at the OZ house stated, “This is a wonderful treat because we haven’t played Bingo for a long time”. Before we left the OZ house, the counselor at the house told our students that they had touched the lives of the residents by their presence, smiles and simplicity and invited them to go back any time.

We closed our immersion project with a reflection and every student received a flower from one of the residents.

Yesterday students spent about half an hour writing a reflection on their experience with the Immersion Project. Below are some quotes from the students.

“My group and I worked together to make an amazing meal. Thank you for this amazing experience Christ Our Hope. ”

“I most remember serving these two little boys who were absolute angles! When I served those boys I felt that doing such little things can make a big difference; my faith in humanity has been restored.”

“Going to the OZ house really touched the heart of the residents because the moment we walked in I saw faces of joy and delight. When we were about to leave, the OZ house counselor talked to us about how we touched their lives.”

“This experience helped me want to learn about what I can do to help everyone in need. Also, to not be selfish and be grateful for what I have.”

“I looked at them and I saw they all still had hope and happiness even in poverty or psychological problems. I want to continue helping those in need.”

“What I experienced made me want to do more service and help the poor.”

“I think this helped my faith grow because it allowed me to think what would the apostles and Jesus do?”

“I learned from the people there that money can’t buy happiness.”

“That everyone has dignity in them.”

“I saw Jesus in Lauren because she was a very nice girl to everyone.”

God Bless,

Sr. Maria Gorreth Nassali