Final Message from the Missions Office – June 6, 2019

   As we communicated to you on April 15th [], the Missions Office and its staffing positions will be eliminated effective June 30, 2019. The official announcement from the Chancery can be viewed here []. As stated in that announcement, several responsibilities of this office will fall to others here at the Chancery.

We are reaching out to you directly, as our partner, to set you up for success to continue to support the good work of service to your neighbors on the margins and education on the Church’s social mission. The Office for Pastoral Ministries will be responsible for continuing “efforts for the promotion and implementation of Catholic social teaching” and thus will inherit our Social Ministry Contact list. Joe Cotton, Director of Pastoral Care & Outreach [] in the Office for Pastoral Ministries, is the main contact for these efforts. He can be reached by phone 206-382-4847 or email

We recently (this week!) sent a mailing to every parish, addressed to “Parish Social Ministry Contact,” with the information above as well as many more resources, including …

And may we suggest that you sign up to receive the following helpful email communications (since we realize you will miss the Missions Office in your inbox!):

Grateful for your service,

your Missions Office

J.L. Drouhard and Kelly Hickman

“Many times we keep Jesus closed inside the parishes with us, and we do not go out and we do not let Him leave! Open the doors so He can go out, at least Him! It is about a Church which ‘goes forth’: a Church which always goes forth.” – Pope Francis