Fulcrum Foundation Grant Update

Building Diversity and Inclusion Grant Program

We are currently accepting applications for the Building Diversity and Inclusion Grant Program. A link to the online application and information on the program can be found. Applications must be submitted online by no later than February 12th, 2020, to considered for funding.

About The Program

The Fulcrum Foundation’s Building Diversity and Inclusion Program is designed to assist schools in welcoming students, regardless of race, ethnicity, or class by increasing accessibility, promoting academic excellence and increasing cultural competency of teachers and staff. Grants through this program encourage schools to respect, celebrate and include the culture of each student as an integral part of a Catholic education and as a manifestation of Catholic identity.

**PLEASE NOTE: Grants through this program are intended for initiatives or projects related to ethnic and racial diversity, not diversified learners. Requests related to diversified learners will not be considered for funding through this program.**

Who Can Apply?

Any school in the Archdiocese of Seattle is eligible to apply for a grant through this program. Only one application per school will be accepted per year.

What Can Schools Apply For?

Grants awarded through this program are typically in the $10,000 range, though the Committee will accept and consider comprehensive and compelling applications up to $25,000. Please feel free to contact me directly if you would like examples of projects or initiatives that have been funded in previous years or if you need assistance determining if the project or initiative you have in mind is a good fit for the program.

Grants awarded through this program are intended for needs in the following categories:

  • Accessibility – enrollment management and marketing to attract and retain a diverse school community (students and staff)
  • Academic Excellence – curriculum enhancement, improving school climate, implementing a new program to support mutual intercultural competency
  • Professional Development – cultural competency and diversity training

How Are Awards Determined?

Factors considered in determining grant awards and amounts include:

  • Capacity to enrich or support archdiocesan or school-wide diversity goals
  • Demonstration of financial need as related to goals articulated in grant categories above
  • A clear connection to a plan: a strategic plan, curricular plan, enrollment/marketing plan or accreditation goals

When Is The Application Deadline And When Will Grant Determinations Be Announced?

Applications must be submitted by February 12th, 2020, to be considered for funding. All applicants will receive notice regarding the outcome of their application in late April/early May 2020 via mail.

If you have any questions about this program or the application, please contact Susan Ocoma, Programs Director, at susan.ocoma@fulcrumfoundation.org or 206.748.7988.