Fulcrum Message of Support- We are with you!

So much is unknown right now as we are all experiencing the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. As you transition your school communities to remote learning/working/fundraising, know that the Fulcrum Foundation Board of Trustees and the entire Fulcrum team are committed to keeping our schools viable, strengthening our partnership with the Office for Catholic Schools and engaging in innovative conversation during this time of crisis.  

We are carefully considering everything we can do to help the situation all of our schools are facing. As a foundation who cares deeply about our students, schools, staff, teachers and leaders, we are confident that, together, this will make us stronger, bolder and united.

We believe that through Uplift, our current capital campaign that we are better poised to tackle these challenging and unprecedented times. For more information, visit https://www.fulcrumfoundation.org/get-involved/uplift-campaign