USCCB Catholic Education Action Alert- Please represent our voice!

In recent weeks we have asked you to contact your Members of Congress in support of Catholic schools – and thanks to you, almost 100,000 messages were delivered!  Your work has paid off. We have a newly introduced emergency school choice bill:  The School Choice Now Act – but we are not near the finish line just yet, and we can’t stop now!

COVID-19 has contributed to the permanent closure of 138 Catholic schools across 23 states.  Additionally, internal surveys show ten percent of Catholic schools are now uncertain if they can open their doors this fall. That means as many as 500 or more Catholic schools could be in jeopardy.

Please join the USCCB in asking the U.S. Senate [] to include additional relief for Catholic schools in the emergency relief package currently being negotiated.

As the Senate prepares its next aid bill, we ask that the next COVID relief package include immediate assistance to families through federally-funded scholarships.

The Alexander-Scott “School Choice Now Act” provides one-time, emergency funding for scholarship-granting organizations in each state; and provides permanent dollar-for-dollar federal tax credits for contributions to scholarship granting organizations.

Please contact your Senators today to request support of the Alexander-Scott “School Choice Now Act” in the base bill.

Catholic schools urgently need help in this time of uncertainty.  Please contact your Senators today!


Please note: If you or members of your school communities have not joined the USCCB Action network, please consider joining NOW! The USCCB Action network creates the body of the letter to the Senators and you can then personalize the opening statement. VERY easy and efficient! Please share the link below with your action-oriented community members. Thank you!