OSPI Safety Resources

National Bullying Prevention Month is every October! Here are some resources for you:


REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Because Mother Nature can sometimes be nasty, please, please, please register your school for the Great WA ShakeOut coming October 15, 2020! The goal: 100% participation this year.

Outsmart the Quake! An Earthquake Preparedness Curriculum for Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Lesson 1 “Disasters are Preventable” Document
Lesson 1 “Disasters are Preventable” PowerPoint
Lesson 2 “Protect Yourself” Document
Lesson 2 “Protect Yourself” PowerPoint
Lesson 3 “Home Safety” Document
Lesson 3 “Home Safety” PowerPoint
Lesson 4 “Community Preparedness” Document
Lesson 4 “Community Preparedness” PowerPoint

20-21 ANNUAL SAFETY DRILLS FOR SCHOOLS – OSPI SAFETY DRILL PLANNING CONSIDERATIONS FOR THE 2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR based on 2019 –HB 1216 – Drill Requirements – OSPI -highly recommended for our Catholic schools to consider 

Other Resources/Tools


Earthquake and Tsunami Preparedness – Kindergarten through Grade 2

Earthquake and Tsunami Preparedness – Grade 3 – 5

Earthquake and Tsunami Preparedness – Grade 6 – 12

These resources have been identified as a priority from the School Safety Center, OSPI.