Fulcrum Programs Update-ACH Electronic Funds Transfer, TAP, COVID Emergency Relief Fund

 1. ACH electronic funds transfer

If your school is still receiving checks from Fulcrum, please consider signing for ACH electronic funds transfer. It means you get your money faster from Fulcrum. Instead of sending a check, all Fulcrum funds would be deposited into a school or parish bank account you specify. You will continue to receive a letter confirming the disbursement and purpose of payment. Schools get funds faster, there is no need to deposit checks and it’s about half the paperwork on Fulcrum’s side. Win-win-win!

Complete this form and email to accountspayable@seattlearch.org.

2. TAP for 2021-22 school year

Even though FACTS emails families reminders to upload documents and finish applications, it’s also a good idea for schools to monitor this. You can easily see the status of applications on the FACTS applications dashboard and remind those families that have incomplete applications to get the information uploaded or updated so their applications are complete prior to the deadline.

There are lots of unique situations given COVID. If you aren’t sure how to handle a family’s financial situation in the FACTS application, please call or email to determine how best to handle.

3. COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund

If you haven’t already applied for a grant from the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, please consider doing so. We have funding available and want to help your school. The application asks for a cash flow worksheet and we know that has been difficult for some. Please don’t let that discourage you from applying. Contact Susan Ocoma to discuss workarounds if the cash flow worksheet is proving to be difficult to complete.

Susan Ocoma, Programs Director – 206.683.8881 (cell) – susan.ocoma@fulcrumfoundation.org

Savannah Hawk – Office Manager & Exec. Assistance – 206.219.5826 – fulcrumadmin@fulcrumfoundation.org