WSCC Adovacy Network -COVID Emergency Relief -TAKE ACTION NOW!


Friends, in just the past couple days we have a seen a restart of the COVID Emergency Relief [] talks.  There is a strong chance it could be attached to the “must pass” federal budget bill.

A bi-partisan, bi-cameral group in Congress released a new $908B framework [] and it is catching steam.  We know the framework calls for $82B in education funding, but the exact legislative language in still in the works.  While the Senate GOP proposal released Monday includes several favorable items for non-public schools, we have just a couple days to reach out to those members drafting this new language to ensure Catholic schools are included in the relief.

Our request continues to include the School Choice Now Act, as well as equitable services for private schools – but this time under Title VIII of ESSA, rather than Title I.  (meaning a per pupil allocation)

Please circulate this Urgent Action Alert link widely to your email lists, social media and school leaders as soon as possible.