Early Learning Newsletter March 22nd

Early Learning Update Week of March 22nd  

Each week I will send out an Early Learning Update email.  These are meant to be quick updates on any relevant items for the week including resources, Professional Development, new health department info and more.


Items Covered:

  • Evaluation for March 12th Professional Development Day now sent to all participants
  • Early Learning Roundtable Recording: Non-Covid Times connections with K-8 program


Please see this week’s professional development opportunities and news: https://mycatholicschool.org/for-catholic-schools/catholic-identity/early-learning/

Survey for March 12th Professional Development Day sent to all participants

Thank you all for participating in our Virtual Professional Development Day last Friday. We had over 150 Early Learning leaders take part in five different and unique sessions. I hope that you enjoyed the presenters and topics and we are looking forward to continuing to create more of these opportunities in the future. On Friday morning I sent an Development Day evaluation to each individual that participated in the sessions. I have included the link below in case it did not get to one of your staff. Please complete the survey by Friday, April 2nd.



Early Learning Roundtable Recording: Non-Covid Times connections with K-8 program:

Please see the below link for the recording of the most recent Early Learning Roundtable that took place last Thursday afternoon. It was a great conversation with programs sharing the ways to connect Early Learning programs with K-8 programming in schools. I know that not everyone was able to join the roundtable. If you were not able to attend could you send me a quick email by Friday with one or two ways that you connect your early learning program with K-8 in your school. I will then combine the information from the roundtable and those emails and create a document to send out to everyone with the comprehensive list of ideas.

Zoom Link for Recording:



Thank you and have a wonderful week!