2022/2023 School Budgets

Each Parish and School completes their Annual School Financial Budgets at a unique pace. The purpose of this message is to ask you to share your 2022/2023 Annual School Financial Budget with John Sullivan.

(1) Please share your one year 2022/2023 School Budget detail.

(2) Please share the monthly breakdown if you have one.

(3) Please share any multi-year Budget summaries you have developed ? If not, do you plan to do a three or five year Budget ?

(4) Please answer these three questions about your 2022/2023 School Budget:

(A) What is your average tuition increase for the 2022/2023 School Year

(B) What is your average increase to teacher and staff pay ?

(C) Do you have an understanding with your Pastor or PAA how a 2023/2022 Financial Deficit or                     Surplus will be handled ?

(D) Do you have a plan to address the use of your remaining PPP Cash ?

(5) What 2022/2023 School Budget matters can I help you with ?

Thank you for all your work for our Schools,