Annual Progress Report 2023-24

The annual progress report is an important part of Catholic school planning, goal setting, and Catholic identity reflection. Schools that are accredited through WCEA are required to complete this entire (Parts I and II) progress report annually as a condition of the school’s accreditation status. Schools not accredited through WCEA are required to complete the Part II: Mission and Catholic Identity portion of the progress report as a condition of the Archdiocesan affiliation and alignment to school policy as outlined in the Policy Handbook.

All progress reports are due on March 1, 2024.

Those completing the document do not have to email anything back to the OCS– the progress report link is live and we will see it updated in real time. Both Justyna King and Connor Geraghty will read through school’s progress reports and provide some insights and comments on the listed progress towards the four NSBECS-aligned goals.  School leaders can reach out to anyone at the OCS should they need some help in completing the progress report.

Although not due in until mid-Spring, it is helpful to schools and leadership as they navigate this school year to keep track of the school’s goals and progress throughout the year.

Schools that are currently going through WCEA accreditation self-study and/or visit year are recused from completing Part I of the progress report.

Links to individual progress reports are sent out individually to schools from OCS. The contact person for school progress reports is Amy Edwards at