PACE Teacher Requests- see Link and Brochure

Message from the PACE Office:

You can find the link to request a teacher below. Please note that we will do our best to find a qualified candidate for your position, but we can’t guarantee we can fill all positions requested.  Because we are looking to fill your position, please let us know if the position becomes unavailable.

On the attached form you may request more than one position by filling out the fields of Requested Position 1, Requested Position 2, and so on. Please do not combine positions into Requested Position 1’s fields.

Because our placement process is ongoing, and we have begun the selection process, please fill out this form before February 24th in order for us to have ample time to seek qualified candidates. Any requests made after February 24th may still be filled, but priority will go towards requests made before February 24th.

PACE Principal Brochure (1)

PACE Teacher Request Form for 2023-24 school year