School Office Mailing – October 2018

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Dear School Office Colleagues,

Welcome to October! Thank you for activating your school offices so efficiently to serve all of your school community! Just a reminder, Eugenia serves as administrative assistant and tracks key OCS databases including Frontline Applitrack, Aesop, and the CSED. If you have questions, surprises or concerns at any time, please email Eugenia Geisel at

October’s Goal: Update the CSED!
This month we are are setting a goal of working with you all to clean up your personnel lists in the CSED. Please update your staff lists, and at a minimum please indicate Teachers of Religion. This is going to be important as we move forward with our Christ in the Classroom program Level 1 Catechetical Certification. Having updated information in your school’s CSED will also help as we continue to transition to the new website, as well as mailings such as this one and other communication channels. If you have any questions about how to do so, please contact Eugenia so she can assist you.

3 Helpful School Office Links at your fingertips!
1. Clock Hours – Some of you may be responsible to help the principal organize clock hour paperwork for professional development. clock hours are a wonderful gift for all teachers! Our wonderful Lisa O’Leary, has demysterified the clock hour process and made it super clear to follow! To learn more, please
click here.
2. October is SCHOOL SAFETY Month
and we have excellent resources to share to be mindful of all the ways to keep us all safe. Please
click here.
3. OCS POLICY MANUAL – School Policies
This link connects you with the 4 core sections of the OCS Policy Manual.

: The Office of Property and Construction
The mission of Property and Construction Services is to provide professional expertise in the areas of construction management, property purchases and sales, facilities maintenance and operations in support of the Archbishop’s goals for the Catholic Church of Western Washington.

Toll Free: 800-809-4923
Fax: 206-382-4266
Mailing Address: 710 9th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104-2017

October Key Events:

October School Office Checklist:
– Fulcrum Tuition Assistance Grants Program
– Christ in the Classroom Retreats occurring locally – October 12
– Fall School Data Collection (NCEA) Launches Sept. 17 and due October 1
– OSPI – DOH Immunization Reports:
All private schools and licensed preschools must report the immunization status of students by Nov. 1 each year per state law (WAC 246-105-060). Access the current report form here.
– OSPI Compliance: Enrollment & Staff Reporting:
The memo is emailed near the end of September; Application opens early October and will closes mid-November; Use enrollment as of October 1; all instructional staff and head of school must be reported; Make sure you “Submit” both enrollment and staff reports—“Saving” does not submit the report to this office. (Use EDS system – EDS (
– Principal Leadership Meeting October 25 – Make sure your principals register and attend

for your hard work to open wide the doors to our Lord, Jesus Christ!

If we can be of service, please contact us!
Sandy Barton Smith and/or
Eugenia Geisel